Sumi-e 墨絵Workshop in Perth(Subiaco)


開放的な素敵な空間でSoothingな筆運びでリラックスしながら楽しく描くのを目的としています。リフレッシュメント&材料費込です。道具類をお持ちの方はお問い合わせください。 *会場と共に申込先は私ではなくStudio Subiになります。


Studio Subi 140 Hay Street Subiaco

Workshop for Introduction to Sumi-e.

An introductory class to Sumi-e, Japanese carbon-ink brush painting.

After some foundation history and background on this Japanese art, we begin the practical section of the workshop by learning techniques to holding the brush, Yumi will guide you through techniques to getting the right pigment of ink to paint a traditional sumi-e art on rice paper. Book your choice of the Bamboo lesson or the Asian Wild Orchid lesson, or try both!

All materials will be supplied.

You will experience far-eastern philosophical art and techniques that are different from western painting.

​​As a bonus, you will have your name converted to Japanese or Chinese characters, if you haven’t already had this done for you before.

​This form of art is not only to learn and experience how to paint with carbon-ink and brush, but you’ll also be surprised at how much better you can concentrate and be tranquil at the same time, as is the calming nature of the Japanese culture.

Studio Subi 140 Hay Street Subiaco

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